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Summer Series - 3 short relays to fill the gap

In these convoluted times, NxNW has created a unique summer relay running series to fill your desire for formal running events in a socially responsible manner--the AK Summer Series, comprised of three short relay events along the traditional Alaska Relay course, as well as the normally scheduled MatSu Relay in September.

Each Series relay is 2-3 legs & 11-17 miles long, giving you and a few friends a short run-tastic experience in three beautiful Alaska locations:

  • Cooper Landing (July 25th) - A 2 leg loop on a forest road in the midst of the Chugach Mountains.

  • Goldenview (Aug 15th) - From South Anchorage, climb the Hillside to the Goldenview neighborhood and Potter Valley with spectacular views of Cook Inlet and Potter Marsh.

  • Turnagain Arm (Aug 29th) - From Bird Creek, run the Bird-to-Gird Path along the incredible Turnagain Arm and into Girdwood.

  • Run One, Run Them All

    Each relay can be entered as a standalone event
    You can register a team of up to 6 for the Full Series. Each Series team includes an entry into all 3 summer relays and the MatSu Relay on September 19th. For each summer relay a portion of your total team (up to 2 or 3 people, depending on the relay) comprise your team's entry, and then the full team participates in the MatSu Relay.

    For each event, your team's time will be tallied together into a total Series score that will be finalized and awarded at the MatSu Relay Finish Line.

    2020 Alaska Summer Series Pricing

    Normal Registration Late Registration
    Full Series $740 -- thru 7/17 $800 -- 7/18 - 7/25
    Individual Events
    Note: Full Series Teams can register a
    2nd entry to #1-3 for 50% off
    #1 Cooper Landing $80 $100
    #2 Goldenview $120 $150
    #3 Turnagain Arm $80 $100
    MatSu Relay See for Price Schedule

    Upgrades & Refunds

    Concerned about Covid causing havoc and an event being cancelled? The following table shows your options
    Individual Race (example: Goldenview) Individual Race with
    Cancellation Coverage
    Full Series Team
    Price $120/$150(Late) $150/$180(Late) $740 - Sum of All Events at Cost
    If Cancelled $50% Deferral Credit
    $60 / $75
    Choice: 75% Refund ($112.50 / $135)
    OR 100% Deferral Credit
    Choice (per event): 75% Refund or 100% Deferral Credit
    Upgrade to Series after 1st Event $730 $700

    All your questions answered for this unique series


    What if more than 3 of our Series team want to run a particular event?

    That's excellent, and we have a heck of a deal for you. Every Series Team can register a 2nd entry to each event for 50% of that even't standalone price. At least one person onthe 2nd entry must be from your roster, the others can be guests

    If our team fields two entries to an event, which one counts towards our Series Score?

    Ah, clever you are. So long as both entries are fully members from your team roster, the faster team will go into your Series Score.

    Can we sign up for just one event now and then decide to upgrade to the Series later?

    Yes! You can upgrade at anytime, just know that the later you do so, the more it will cost. Registering for the total Series early is by farthe best value and comes with the best refund/deferral option in the event of cancellation.

    I'm really interested, but I don't have a team.

    Check out our runner/team matching sheet to get connected with others.

    Do we have to provide volunteers?

    All Team entries in MatSu Relay, either as a sole event or as part of the Series, must either supply 1 volunteer for that event or contribute to the charity-volunteer fund. For the smaller summer relays, volunteers are not required, but extra help is always appreciated. Contact the race director if interested.

    Races, Timing, Scoring

    Does my whole team have to be at each Series event?

    No. For the individual events, you only need enough team members to complete that course. For example, the Goldenview course has 3 legs so you would presumably need 3 team members.


    Well, you can compete in each relay with less. If you have a high caliber runner excited to run all the way up to Goldenview, down to Potter Marsh, and back to O'Malley on behalf of your team, more power to them.

    Does everyone on my team have to participate in one of the summer relays to be eligible?

    No. Your team is limited to 6 total people, but who runs when is totally up to you. For example, you could have 3 people run all of the summer relays and have the other 3 only join you for the MatSu Relay.

    How does the Series scoring work?

    For each event, your team's entry will have its time added to a Total Series Time, similar to if a triathlon were done as separate events. We'll recognize individual event winners at each event;Series Competition winners will be awarded at the Finish Line of the final event, MatSu Relay, in September.

    What if we miss one of the Series Events?

    Hey, it happens. In the event that you miss an event, the slowest time in your division will be added to your Series Score. So you won't be disqualified, but it will come at a cost for your score.

    Covid & Cancellation

    What are you doing about health concerns and social distancing?

    - The major piece we will be doing is assigning starting teams individually. When your team is registered, you'll be able to select your start time on race day. That time is when you should plan on being ready to start, however your actual clock time will be started individually when your team is ready at the actual line.

    - We will have sanitizer available around the start/finish areas and exchanges, and our staff will be maintaining general excessive hygiene practices.

    - Like any other gathering or establishment, we expect anyone who has been recently out-of-state, in close contact with someone who has been sick, or showing any symptoms themselves to stay home.

    - At present, with no distancing requirements, we will not require masks or group limits. We do, however, expect all participants and spectators to be considerate of others around them, by respecting personal choices and pro-actively giving other people space at all gathering locations.

    - Should either the State or the Muni of Anchorage re-impose any rules, we will abide by them, and expect all participants to do so as well.

    What if the government restricts races because of the groups of people?

    We’ve adjusted our operating plan to be ready for social distancing rules and expectations. By being proactive on that front, we’re fairly confident that the State of Alaska and the Muni of Anchorage will allow us to hold our events so long as we aren’t under hunker-down rules. With that in mind, we will only cancel these events if a permitting agency or our liability insurer requires us to, if either the State or the Muni returns to Hunker-Down, or if some other natural disaster occurs.

    Will we get refunds if you cancel?

    If we are compelled to cancel, you will get AT LEAST a partial deferral credit towards a future NxNW event. We've also created an upcharge to allow for full deferral or majority refund, the details of which are on the Pricing page.

    Why don't you offer 100% refunds?

    Whether we hold a race or not, we have overhead expenses and up-front costs that we have to cover, rain-or-shine so to speak. It would be easier to just cancel the 2020 season altogether, but we feel that relay runs can go forward where other races may not and we all need positive interactions where we can get them. We believe the run community shares that value and that, where everyone can, they'll help our business persevere, just as we've all done for other local businesses.

    Race Direction Signs

    Series Standings

    Come back after the first event to see the Standings!